Tuesday, March 18, 2014

TBPOA Community Meeting this week

Please join us for our TBPOA community meeting on Wednesday, March 19th!  Pot luck dinner at 6:30 and meeting starts at 7:30.  Guest speaker - Paul Slava, Director of The Art Studio and Executive Vice President of the St. Augustine Civic Association.

Angi Bell, President

Saturday, February 1, 2014

minutes from the January 2014 TBPOA meeting

January 22, 2014

Pot Luck dinner at 6:30 

Pledge of allegiance 7:30

Recording Secretary cast one vote for each member running for the board. The new board is officially elected.

Guest Speakers:

Officer Melissa Swindull  will be our contact for neighborhood watch. She will help with any problems, call or e-mail her.  She spoke about a wave of break ins that are taking place in Ponte Vedra. Most all of them were cars that were left unlocked. The crooks take one credit card from a wallet so you don't miss it for some time. Then they up on a wig or whatever is needed to look something like the person they robbed. Then they go thru the drive thru at the bank and use the one farthest away from the window.  She expects them to move to new locations and this could be one. So make sure your cars are always locked.  For neighborhood watch she just wants you to keep your eyes open when you go in or out and to call if you see anything that does not look right.  She also stated that she would support us in the effort to get a cross walk on A1A.

LT. Stacie Newman from the St. Johns County Fire & Rescue Dept. let us know that thru a grant the county has 300 smoke detectors available, they are free to anyone living in St. Johns County, all you need do is to call them and set up an appointment and they will come and install them for free.
She also spoke of a website called Vileoflife.com where you can download a form to fill out and put in your refrigerator with info on your medical status such as meds that you are allergic to. There would be a sticker on your door and on the refrigerator so the fire rescue would know to look there before giving you a shot of something.


Minutes accepted as read.
Treasurer's report accepted as read. We have $22,578.93 in our checking account, $10,291.59 in a CD. The county gave us back the money we spent up to this point on the canal project.

Old Business:
Canals: Project out for bids this week. Butler Park will be closed and used for the spoils from the dredging. There will be a meeting next week about the canals to answer question.
The dues letter is ready to go out.

New Business:
If you want to add something to the website let Agni know.
It was suggested that we see if we could get new Neighborhood Watch signs.
Yard of the month: If you are interested let Angi know.
Spring Picnic: offer suggestions for where and when and let Angi know also if you would be willing to help.
T.B.P.O.A. shed, do we need it anymore?
It was suggested that we get gift cards for some of our volunteers.
Benches: there was a suggestion that we place some cement benches at the bus stop. Will need to contact the county, although we did not do so when we put the big rock there.
It was noted that the Council on Aging will put in ramps and grab bars for people who need them.   

Adjourned at 8:45 PM

Recording Secretary - Rich Grubb

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Canal meeting update

I took 7 pages of notes tonight at the canal meeting. I am by no means qualified to interpret the detailed information pertaining to this project, however, I will try to summarize and post the notes I took. I will post them this weekend to this blog.  Please check back next week for an update. Please note: I will not be able to answer your specific questions about the canal dredging project but will direct you to our canal committee chair who will undoubtedly refer you to the appropriate county officials. As the project progresses, it is my intention to provide updates to this blog as the county communicates them to me. 
Hope this helps!

Angi Bell
TBPOA President

Sunday, January 26, 2014

TBPOA January 2014 Meeting Agenda

Treasure Beach Property Owners' Association
Community Meeting
January 22, 2014

  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Swearing in of 2014 officers - Paula Murphy, Immediate Past President
    • Angi Bell, President
    • Irv Stockdale, 1st Vice President
    • Sharon McIlhenney, 2nd Vice President
    • Richard Grubb, Recording Secretary
    • Charlie Novak, Treasurer
  • Reading of the Minutes - Rich Grubb
  • Treasurer's Report - Charlie Novak
  • President's Message - Angi Bell
  • Guest Speakers
    • Deputy Melissa Swindull, SJCSO
    • Lt. Stacie Newman, SJCFD
  • Old Business:
    • Canal dredging project - John Kelleher
    • Dues letter - Angi Bell & Charlie Novak
    • A1A crosswalk - Angi Bell
  • Announcements:
    • Next TBPOA meeting - Wednesday, March 19th
    • New commercial neighbors - Caribbean Sol Cafe - Ashley Cooper
  • Adjourn

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

ELECTION OF OFFICERS FOR 2014 Beacher's Lodge 7:00 PM

 FINALLY!  I have had such computer issues I was ready to throw it out and buy an old typewriter!  Thanks to Karen Carter (the TBPOA web-master) I am now functioning again! Better late than never!


Tuesday, 11/12/2013 at 7:00 PM at Beacher's Lodge

This is a very important meeting.  We will be electing officers for the year 2014.

Running for office are the following people:

Angie Bell.........President
Irv Stockdale.........1st V. President
Sharon McIlhenney........2nd V. President
Recording Secretary.......Richard Grubb
Treasurer.........................Charlie Novak

This will be a relatively short meeting.  I will review and answer questions from the last meeting, since I haven't been able to post any information.

Please plan to attend this meeting.    It wont last that long!



Thursday, September 12, 2013


Yesterday a roofing company came to our door wanting to check our roof for hail damage.  They are canvassing TB.  I did not let them check our roof because being an ex-insurance agent, I am aware this might be a "scam".  They WILL make sure they find damage.
Before you let someone do any work on your roof....make sure you get a second opinion.
Paula Murphy